Mini tale-4.

Our heartbeats synchronized even in the absence of physical touch. 



Deliverance from the epidemic called solitude, 

Seems to be an illusory desire.

A fantasy that can by no means come true.

Inexplicable pain ignited by manifold, 

Grief heeded by none.

Optimism descending down drastically,

Defenseless laments reminding the dysphoria more than twice. 

Clutched by desolation , 

Enslaved to isolation, 

Suddenly wrapped in social discomfort, 

But perpetually craving for affection , 

Yearning silently for tenderness and warmth of true companionship and love.

Continually desiring for one honest soul , 

 Keeps increasingly stronger, 

“Do genuinely caring people still exist ?.”

Remains a question mark, 

A mystery unsolved , 

A theory unexplained, 

A concept misunderstood.

There might be no end to my ordeal is what I have concluded by now.

Mini tale 3



                                                     After her first break up ,                             She was sure maybe he was the one ,         but deception smirked at her once again making her emotions numb for the second time.


Betrayal is totally heartbreaking and torturing. It comes in all forms and in all kinds of relationships. Its not a word which is meant to exist only between couples because even siblings, relatives, friends etc , anyone can betray you at any point of time. Trust is just a four letter word but it is powerful in its own way. Either you trust someone blindly or not , we all have known the pain of betrayal at some point of time in all our lives.

Do true relationships exist forever even after a chain of quarrels and clashes? . Do best friends really understand each other completely  ?. Does family always be there when you need them ?. Do parents listen to all what their children have to say and ask ? Atleast do friends really care about you no matter what ?.

Well too many questions but there is nothing or none who can answer these questions the way we want to hear. Yes all of us are different in every aspect perhaps we all  have varied feelings also varied questions, emotions and answers. We get upset when the one so close to us doesn’t seem to care about us after abeing in a , just say 4 year long relationship or friendship. We get hurt when we get to know that the one and only person who you trusted and opened up to has betrayed you by lying all this while about things which never happened just to seek attention or sympathy or as excuses to cut you off for the time being, well whatever motive it was. Now after years they toss you aside so easily. Actually what if you got to know it was always like that but you never realised it before because you were too much into them.

I decided to write on betrayal not because I am going through it but because someone really close to me shared about how painfully they got betrayed recently. Can’t deny that I could easily relate to how it felt.Investing your time ,money and most importantly love on someone you feel is close to us  is not a small thing. Well money ,lets exclude it though it obviously matters for us deep down but what about the time ,attention ,love , care , support that you give to that person even when you yourself are craving for all those emotions. 
How it feels when years back recieved calls were more and now dialled calls are more ?. How it feels when you get messages every now and then before but now sent texts have increased and no replies in return ? , after years of giving all what you had well am not talking about money here but when you are emotionally drained and exhausted because of wasting it on the wrong person .It feels agonisingly hurtful.                                                           How it feels when you were and are being taken for granted but still feel helpless ?. Well questioning is really easy as we can see but understanding our fellow beings is a highly complicating task. Not all are bad but here am talking about the ‘very few people’ who are like that.

Finally betrayal is something which is unlimited both to talk about and to unexpectedly encounter  it ,no guarantee we wouldn’t come across it anytime sooner or later again. What can we do about it ?. Maybe nothing actually can be done. Except not overthinking about what happened instead take it as a lesson, be cautious and move on.  Not easy but we need to do it , for what we need to do it , i don’t have to explain because we ourselves very well know the reasons to do what we have to.

In the name of ice-cream, my love.


He sternly persisted her to not order ice-cream in the five star hotel,rather he suggested they drive to an ice-cream parlour.

She was angry and asked, “Even after being a rich businessman why do you possess a middle class mentality”.

Being in a seven year beautiful relationship with her,both knew each other in and out ,hence even to her rude statement he passionately smiles at her innocence behind the harshness and replies “Its not because of the costly price in the five star hotel that I suggested we have icecream here at the street side parlour,its because I genuinely wanted to spend some more quality time with you my love ”

Saying this he winks an eye playfully at her  , but the intensity of his words stirred pleasant, anonymous feelings in her heart and she was speechlessly teary eyed.

It was a really simplest thing what he told her , but his emotions and feelings intricately woven in those words was enough for her to vehemently kiss him and embrace his manly innocence.